I developed curly hair after chemo and have no idea what type it is. It is fine and frizzes easy.

I think I have 2C hair but I do get ringlets in some spots.  I have been doing the CG method for a couple of months and it seems to have flattened my curls.  My canopy frizzes when dry.  Currently I am using the LOC method.  I usually have to blow dry (diffuser) as I do not have time to air dry in the morning and I get more volume if I blow dry.  I am trying to grow my hair long.  I finished chemo 2 years ago.  prior to chemo, I had long hair with a very slight wave.  It was pretty much straight.

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Congrats on coming through chemo! Yay to having hair again and something new- waves! You may have had the same curl pattern but when long and brushed out and styled you don't always know that full potential. That is the way it is with my hair at least. I can easily get flattened curls with the CG method b/c having fine looser waves is a little trickier than having really curly hair! I have oilier roots and so many gentle cleansing methods, products popular with other CG girls just leave me feeling waxy and coated sometimes. My roots start to get oily in 24 hrs regardless of what I use (co-wash or sulfates) and I usually have a better hair day with a very cleansing sulfates free shampoo or a low sulfate 'poo. The curl pattern is not really that important. Although I think you are probably 2b-3a like me. What's more important is your porosity and how your hair responds to products. What products are you using? How often and with what do you wash your hair? I recently started doing the LOC method which I never thought I could do with my fine hair. It has been working pretty well. My canopy is my straightest and I too can be frizzy there. Shea Moisture Yucca & Plantain Styling Milk is the most helpful for me if that happens and I use it as a 2nd day refresher too. 
these are the products I've tried, amongst others lol