I don't fit the hair type profiles completely. Help please?

Hi, thanks so much to anyone who can help! Also, really sorry that the pictures are flipped weird. That's what happened when they uploaded. These photos don't really do my description of it justice, because I only take pictures of my hair when it's behaving and all looks the same. When I take the hair type quiz, I seem to have trouble being able to pick solid answers. First off, my hair is decently thick and goes past my collarbones about an inch and a half. I have a lot of big spiral curls, but I also have kinky bits near the top, random coily pieces throughout, and even a few waves and straight pieces underneath. Is this normal?? I have a hard time maintaining frizz and definition too. My hair gets so frizzy at the top of my head! I realize this also may be because of damage. (begged for a straightening perm when I was younger and straightened my hair constantly in high school.) I have a hard time styling too of course. I've never been one for too much product of any sort (I don't even wear makeup) so I'm kind of lost on that whole spectrum, but I'm just so tired of my frizzy hair. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much! 

1 Answer

You look like a 2C.