I don't know my curl pattern, I've only had perms. Help!

I grew up without a mom and a family where relaxers are the norm. I've just made the decision to not have perms and have been perm free for about five months now and my hair looks HORRIBLE but I don't want perms. I was also forced to have my hair cut so my hair is short and transitioning which looks TERRIBLE! I can't afford hair products and I'm completely at loss as to what to do. I don't want to relax but I can't do anything. Help!!

2 Answers

You can buy oils like coconut oil anywhere and they are really cheap and shea butter too , or just wait until your hair grows back , you can wear hats to cover up your hair if u want , your hair will become healthy just be patient, there Are lots of cheap products that are really good like aussie's products you can find them anywhere
Hi Rookie, I too pretty much started from a short cut because I had a lot of breakage so if you are able to do a two strand twist do it ! Everywhere Inwent Inhad tons of compliments about my hair people were asking me how to do it and they to wanted to transition. You don't need exspensive hair products I've tried Shea Moisture (Walgreens) and it works great my hair is like a sponge so the poducts it likes I know and that's what Intend to stick with trust and believe me your hair is going to grow so fast and you're going to learn a lot about it just be patient and don't give up if Shea moisture is to pricey then visit the dollar store my husband loves Vo5 and it's usually cheaper at Walgreens like less than a dollar look for products that moisturize I Like coconut oil  but also use moisturizing creams.I also suggest you tie a satin scarf around your hair at bedtime I use bandanas as well even an old tshirt can be tied up (cut it if you need to)I hope this helps.