I don't know my hair type please help !

4 Answers

Its hard to tell because the curl isn't really defined but since your hair seems pretty thick with big curls you might have 3a or 3b hair
your hair looks like a 3a/b
I thought you had a 2a or 2b, but that may be because your hair is long which may weigh down the curl and, as previously stated, the curls don't seem very defined. Towards the bottom I do think I can see curls, but they're pretty big so I'd say you could go with 3A.
I'd say your hair seems like  much like 3B.it fits the basic look and description of 3B that I  know.Did you see the "basics" on here or on CurlyNikki's website about how to "curl- type"?Just remember, many of us have a little of one type and a little or a lot of another- so not everyone fits perfectly into a type. For example,I'm mostly 3A/3B but can't tell how much of it,   if either, is predominant.But then I have one hunk or lock, at the nape  of my neck that's more like 2C maybe even 2B...! it curls up some, but,it looks longer and straighter than the rest and makes my hair look like it has an inch-wide /several inches- long tail!Anyway, for now, if you haven't yet figured it out for certain in your own mind ,go with 3B or 3A/3B like I said I do.