I dont know my hair type. The back of my hair is curly& the top is frizzy / wavy. can someone help?

its curly when wet and shrinks to my head. If I let it air dry it turns into a frizz ball "/

3 Answers

I noticed when doing my daughter's hair (which is curly) that it depends on how I apply product on the wet hair. If I'm too rough or just pull it straight through all her hair at once then all that handling pulls the curls out of the top layer, making it wavy and then frizzy as it dries. I have to remember to apply the product gently in small sections and don't pull it through, scrunch it instead to preserve the curls.But is the top of your hair wavy while it's dripping wet? If so, then that's completely different from my daughter's situation and you can ignore what I said, lol. But idk, the scrunching may still help.
maybe I am too rough lol but the top of my hair is wavy probably from heat damage I used to have bangs and was always flat ironing them 
I find I have to put extra conditioner in mine to keep it nice-looking. I am careful not to put the conditioner near my roots otherwise it just seems extra oily, but when I just apply to the bottom of it, it's great and it helps it resist the climate (Pacific coast of Canada, but I've travelled as well across Canada and California, Florida, Jamaica, Mexico, the Bahamas, etc..)On top of that I often need a spray of some sort. I like John Frieda's Frizz-Ease and where I live it's often listed as $10.99 but can find it on sale for $5.99 (I'm a 3C/4A)