I don't know what type of hair my dd got? Pls recommend me a toddler curly shampoo. Thanks

I have wavy straight hair and her daddy got wavy hair but she turned out to have cute curls which I love at first but now the longer it gets the frizzier. I don't know what shampoo to use. Please help! 

3 Answers

Your toddler has BEAUTIFUL hair! :)  You can find out her hair type on this website just scroll to the top and look for the "hair types" tab .  :)   i recommend Shea Moisture Kids  :)  hope this helps!  i added a video below to help you find her hair type :) 
Oh she has beautiful hair! It looks like type 3a/3b to me :)
I my son has 3b hair type your daughters hair looks like 3a/3bish so you can use mixed chicks shampoo (only the shampoo nothing else from them is any good i my opinion) but you can also use stuff from Shea moisture's kids line thts what I use more often than not. It really leaves his hair looking clean light healthy and bouncy.