I don't think I have a hair type?

My hair is straight yet wavy at the ends and a few some-what curls on the under layer of my hair. (I am white) It is very thick and always has to get thinned, and it is short to chin length to make it easier. When it dries it becomes really poofy and confusing? Scrunching and plopping doesn't work, as it doesn't want to curl and I have to force it to. There is no natural way to make it wave so I have to twist the hair and go through complicated steps. I've been trying to solve this mystery since the age of 13 and I'm almost 18. I need to know what to do for college. I've had to resort lately to washing my hair every other day using sulfate free hair products, letting it somewhat try wrapped up, taking it out and pining it straight or letting it dry from there, and it somewhat Helps but ends up being a mess. And I straighten it when I wake up. I don't know what to do anymore and I always end up crying. I've tried everything imaginable, trust me, and I just need some new advice..

2 Answers

Hey Girlwithapple! Is there a way you could share a full head shot photo?
curly hair must NEVER be thinned. You've created your own problem. I am a stylist myself, the only time you ever thin curly hair is if it's going to be worn straight all the time. Stop getting it thinned out. Literally, that's the entire problem there. It's releases the weight at the end of the curl making it spring more than normal and also prevents it from clumping together creating endless poof! Frizz is not a hair type, it's an abused curl waiting to shine. It will probably take years to undo the damage, but start now! Find yourself a stylist who spécialisés in curly hair who will cut your hair dry. The length also makes it worse, the longer curls are, the better they fall! Everything your stylist has been telling you is a lie, put down that blow frier and the straightener and go get yourself a devacut, I can give you the details of some international ones if you are not in the USA or Canada, if you are in those two, go on their site and look for a local stylist. It will cost more, but will last