I don't understand my hair!

I have 3a/3b hair. According to the tests, my hair seems to have low porosity, high density (I don't see any scalp except where my part is), thick width (I can easily see a single strand), and it's pretty elastic. Why is it so FLAT? I had a haircut about two weeks ago. My hairstylist didn't take any length off. She just shaped it and gave me short layers. My hair is just above boob level. I style with LA looks alcohol free gel or kccc, but I have no body and struggle with definition and frizz.Also, the things that one would typically do with hair like mine ex) coconut oil treatments or finishing with jojoba oil don't seem to work for me. Coconut oil makes my hair seem stiff if I put it on when its dry, and when it's wet it looks oily. What can I do to give volume and definition to my hair?

1 Answer

I don't have 3a/3b hair, BUT I may have some tips that might help.Taking length off will decrease the weight of the strands allowing it to curl more. It may behoove you to cut it some so it will have more volume and definition without using a ton of products. Frizz can be tamed with a number of different products and regimen "methods". This website is full of them. Maximum Hydration Method is the latest craze and I've seen a few different types of curlies using it with "success" (less frizz, more definition) Of course they modified to fit their needs but it may be worth looking into if you haven't already tried it. Everything isn't for everybody. If coconut oil doesn't yield the desired result then it may not be for you. Simple. You may consider using less oil or mixing it with another product. I really don't use oils because it causes breakouts the longer it sits on my scalp and hair. Sure I could wash my hair every other day but I honestly don't have that kind of time and energy. Just do what works best for you and remember to modify things before totally giving up on them. At the end of the day, if it doesn't work for you then it just doesn't work for you.