do i dry naturally to determine hair type or do I add product

I am a middle aged white female w ho's hair got curly after pregnancy. I went curly for years and just ignored it. I have had multiple keratin treatments over the last three years so I have serious damage from just below my crown to the shoulders. I do not wish to do the big chop and thankfully I think I can avoid it..but I am transitioning to curly again.I am trying to determine what type of curl I have. I believe I am a type 3 not sure if I am a b or c. with proper conditioning and oiling my hair is getting better. With proper technique I can even get the keratin ends to have some curl/wave... the new growth is incredible much MUCH thicker, darker and curlier. My question:When I determine my hair type do I condition, comb in the shower, blot dry with my tee shirt anda. let it dry as isorb. comb it straight and let it curl as it wishes as it dries orc. shake my head darling and let it dryord. do the whole product thing (cream, spray gel, scrunch arrange and let it dry)all four options give me different levels of curl from wavy with spots to massive curls including some ringlets (with product)I am very blessed to have "good hair" in that if I leave it and do not touch it while drying or blow it out it is not too frizzy.. but it's also not too curly. and I never cared for it properly... now that I am doing it correctly I see that I can "encourage" the curls to be what I want them to be...but I want to use the proper product and care for the hair type I truly have.

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adding photos from last week...