How do I figure out my hair type

I big chopped in probably late February iinto a small boycut. Once I cut my hair I had no curl definition. Now I do have curl definition but only when wet, also my hair feels soft when wet but once it dries it feels so rough.. I think I am a 4b maybe a 4c? Btw the curling type quiz doesn't help me at all :( I'm still so confused and please don't give me any judgement, I'm 13. :) thanks! (Btw I'm Somali if that makes any difference :D) hose attachments are my hair in different stages like wet dry, combed out and finger combed with leave in cantu conditionrr

1 Answer

Lol, I'm 15, don't worry, I'm sure there's a lot of other teens on this website who just pretend to be adults like I do. (also, it's really hard to figure out your hair type, they only really have pictures of people with long hair and stuff, and I was just kind of lucky, because my hair looks really similar to the 2C picture, like same cut, color, curl pattern, it's crazy. Anyways, sorry, that totally didn't answer your question but yeah, I'm gonna say 4b probably. Hope this helped!