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You seemed really excited by the title and I really dont want to shoot you down Lol but its sooooooooooooooo hard to tell right now. Women get so excited and caught up in "hairtyping" aka curl typing that they jump ahead a little. The picture of your roots is really hard to assess, and it doesnt seem like your hair is very long.It is really hard to tell right now because of the length. As your hair grows a little longer things can change. BUT if I am going to go off that one curl, I would say 4a. If your hair is wet and not dry I cant even say that because you cant properly hairtype on wet hair lol. If your texture is on the silkier side, that could actually be a defined 4b curl. So first, I suggest you learn your hair's porosity, density, and strand width, and texture. These are what will affect how you care for your hair AND can affect how your curl pattern looks. For example, if your hair is 4a but cottony or spongy its prone to frizz and naturally less defined vs a person with silky 4a hair, so people may think youre 4b when youre actually 4a. ANYWAY lol, You can learn that here :)BUT for now I am going to say 4a under the assumption that your hair is fully dry. I hope this helps, xo.
I COMPLETELY agree with Chelle.White on EVERYTHING she just said. Personally, I'd recommend waiting until you're at LEAST 6 months in, but I didn't really get a decent idea until 10 months (and my hair grow pretty averagely, I'd say).  Even then, it's hard to tell because your relaxed hair will always be weighing down the natural curls.Agreed on the assessment about wet hair not being able to be hair typed :\ Unfortunately, water weighs down the curls also, elongating them. I assumed your hair was wet (just cause your sking seems wet in the picture), but, if not, I agree on it being 4a and rather silky.  If wet, your hair may be a 4a and I can't really speak to the texture as water may make hair look different then it looks dry.Also agree on her texture assessment. She answered this question pretty wonderfully.