Have I got two different hair types ? (help)

I've noticed I 100% have a loose curl pattern but I tend to get confused and wonder if I'm a 4A or 3C/4A due to shrinkage. When I rub my Cantu curling cream product in my hair the curls become loose with a few strands looser than overs looking like a curl wave but after a while my curls shrink into very tight coils. I'm not sure if the products I use are too heavy or I might just have a different curl pattern than I thought But when I do the shingling method on a few stands my curls become really loose ..(In one or two of my pictures I have Eco styler gel in my hair) The photos with my purple towel is my hair freshly washed and the very last photo is of my hair practically dry & product free.So is my hair just 3C but tends to shrink or am I 3C/4A ?•• Edit: the 9th photo is a shedded hair strand with the top looser than the bottom ••

2 Answers

Looks like 3c.
I agree with the editor. Definitely looks like a 3c.