I have been growing and cutting my hair for 2 years now and i have No clue what my hair type is.

I have been growing my hair in Iceland for 2 years now. I know the porosity and density of my hair but I cannot figure out my hair type. My hair is very easy to detangle when it is wet, but If i don't moisturise it it ends up looking like a big fro. Wash and goes are very easy for me and lasts for days and i don't get a lot of tangles but i tend to have a lot of shrinkage when it air dries. Pleaseeeeee help!!!!!

3 Answers

Your hair looks like it is 4a hair. Here is the description of it on this website:Type 4a is tightly coiled hair that has an "S" pattern. It has more moisture than Type 4b coils and has a visible curl pattern. The circumference of the spirals is close to that of a crochet needle. The hair can be wiry or fine-textured. It is usually fragile with high density. Type 4a hair has fewer cuticle layers than other hair types, which means it has less natural protection from damage.
I would guess 4a or a 4b.  It's hard to examine the definition due to resolution of the photos. I also can't quite tell if your hair is wet or not in the photos as curl pattern can't really be determined on wet hair. Your hair is very nice though!