I have more then 1 or maybe 2 curl types in my hair. How do I care for it.

I have 3C, 4A, and 4B. My hair has always been natural all my life. Over the years my hair has changed naturally from hair color to texture. I had long and I mean long(butt length) and it was very thick. But I've gone through chemo and radiation. I know that can effect my hair. Its been almost 2 years since. My hair is growing back but now it seem to be thinning and is so weak now. I get split ends or double strand knots just from rubbing up against fabric. My main goal is to get health, strong and thicker hair back with that length will follow. I've been looking all over for answers or at least some kind of help but I havent gotten very far in terms of people going through treatment and having curling hair. I need some serious help. The doctors arent really understanding my hair and hair needs. So who would could give me better advice then the curly community. Any advice will much appreciated. Thanks

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I'm not sure exactly what could be causing the continuing thinning and weak strands, except that a quick search tells me that others are dealing with the same issue years after chemo. The chemo has really taken a toll on your body and it takes years for it to normalize (2nd post here: http://www.tc-cancer.com/forum/showthread.php/164...) so it may need some help from the inside out. I found this: http://www.cancercompass.com/message-board/message... that may help.I found this advice as well from Mariellen who has had "several years of experience with chemotherapy patients and hair issues":"A good diet of daily protein will help hair recovery. The milky protein mix drinks, with added vitamins and nutrients, are also useful for patients who need to retain their body weight/vitamin intake/protein and who cannot tolerate solid food due to nausea. They also find these useful even later, when they need to slowly rebuild a normal appetite. I have noted that patients who maintain body weight and energy levels with these drinks (or, if tolerated, a normal, well balanced diet), seem to recover hair and health much more rapidly. A few months into recovery, an optional supplement of biotin, cystenne, and zinc 25 mg, also ensuring sufficient iron supplies, also seems to help hair fibre and regrowth in many patients. Some individuals, whose hair is a little stubborn have also found minoxidol helpful until their hair cycle is synchronised. This is rarely required." (3rd post here: http://www.keratin.net/forums/viewtopic.php?p=262...)I hope something in there is helpful! Best wishes!