i have no idea what to do with my hair lol ?

iv had curly hair all my life and when I was small my mum just left them down with a flower or butterfly clip moving some hair away from my face. when I started high school I started straighting my hair because I was insecure and kind of embarrassed about having curly hair. now I feel more mature confident and I want to wear my hair natural.I have 3a curls but I have a natural parting in the middle and right near my scalp(in the middle of my head) I have straight hair and my hair are less curly and wavier at the back just my top layer, the bottom and front is really curly. my hair aren't frizzy at all, I dye them all the time, they don't fal out, I don't have split ends even though I haven't had a hair cut for nearly over  a year because they grow slow.anyways I needed help. what type of hair cut should  I get for my type of curls? how can I make my hair curlier at the back? and what styles would suit a 15year old girl? btw my go wavy when I tie them up and stay like that until iv washed them... whys that?my hair are exactly like that except the colothankyou in advance xxx

1 Answer

You can find style ideas here. http://www.naturallycurly.com/curly-hairstyles-pictures/index/A lot of curly girls find they like their hair better without bangs; that might be an option to try.