I have really curly hair on my hair line. Every where else is wavy will it change? I am still a teen

3 Answers

It's quite possible it will continue to change. Hair tends to change throughout puberty. Or you may just have different hairtypes on your head; that's pretty common, too. 
Yep, my hair texture has changed so many times throughout my lifetime! I had like 3c-4a curls from toddlerhood on through 1st grade, then for some reason I seemed to have lost my curls pretty much up until 6th grade (they were like 2b-c), then they went back to 3c until high school at which I started doing all kinds of damage to it (relaxing, bad dye jobs, etc.) so then it was just a hot mess, lol! Once I transitioned to my natural texture it was kind of a mix between 3b and 3c. Now that I'm in my 30s it's now more 3b and who knows what it will do in the years to come lol!
I'm 20, so still very much learning about my 3c-4a ish hair.The curly hairs around your hair line might be because they are shorter, so not as heavy.