I am having a hard time idenifying my porosity. Getting mixed clues and need advice.

I am having a hard time determining my hair's porosity. I have tried a few different mothods of identifying porosity and am confused by my mixed results.My hair is somewhere around 2C and 3A with parts (undreneath and around the nape of my neck) that a very spiraled/coiled, as well as some almost straight pieces (on the back of my head coming from the crown). Depending on how I handle it it can be almost straight some days, or very curly others. Medium density. Mostly medium thickness with a mix of some coarse and thin strands sprinkled throughout. Medium length. I recently started using the Curly Girl Method. I have never had any kind of professional treatment done to my hair (perm/relaxing etc.) and most of my life been fairly natural in my hair care with no use of blowdryers/straighteners/curl iorons, and very minimal product usage. Mostly just shampoo and conditioner, air dry, and go with the occasional sint of using a leave in for frizz control. Rarely comb.When I use the float method on clean dry fall-out it always floats, no matter the length of time I let it sit for, or the size strand I use (I've tried gathering different strands of varying thickness to see if that made a difference) leading me to think I have low porosity. However it is clear to see that there is a great amount of surface tension when the strand is placed on the water, so thinking that may be one possible reason for the floating I've done tests where I break the surface tension when putting the strand in. This always results with the hair immediately sinking. Making me think that possibly I have high porosity. Strand test= mixed/opposite indicators of porosity.Then I tried the shower test where you see how long it takes for your hair to become saturated with flowing water and how long it takes to dry after you've showered. My whole head becomes wet very quickly and I have no problems getting totally saturated. High porosity? Yet my hair takes a very long time to air dry, often times hours. If I put it in a bun while wet, some days it is still damp when I take it down 12+ hours later. Low porosity?The slip n' slide method hasn't helped either. I can easily slide my fingers up the hair shaft smoothy. I do feel some bumps, but they don't seem too bad/numerous.My hair tends to be dry and frizzy, especially in winter, but my scalp is often oily in the warmer months. One of the reasons that I'm not much of a poduct user is that they tend to sit ontop of my hair feeling gunky, weighing down my hair and building up quickly.I'm not sure what to make of these mixed signals. Do you have any tips/suggestions? I'm sorry for the information overload, I just wanted to include anything that I thought might be pertinent. 

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It sounds more low porosity to me than high. I'd proceed like that. The fact that you said products sit on top of your hair is a big indicator. If your hair absorbed products like a sponge it would be high porosity and high porosity can also sink without being dunked if left in the water. My hair has a similar curl pattern but very fine and low-med density and very low porosity.
I have the same mixed feelings about the float test. I definitely see surface tension which leads me to believe that it may not be so accurate in terms of porosity testing, but prodding the hair seems to influence how much water it takes in so that isn't very accurate either (the fact that I'm transitioning and relaxed hair is supposed to be high porosity and it doesn't sink either; plus, I have relatively coily hair so the slide test, isn't a great help either). That being said, based on your slide test and your shower test, you might have normal/medium porosity hair (I usually forget that that's even an option lol).  The oily scalp may just come from having a looser curl pattern/ possibly finer hair? If you have finer hair, and the products you use are a little on the thicker side - like creams - then I'd guess you were normal porosity and getting buildup due to the product being too much for your hair. Also, check the ingredients; silicones, mineral oil and certain thicker butters are known to cause buildup. If you have hair on the thicker side, I might recommend treating your hair as if it had lower porosity.Also, my hair has the same effect. If I wash my hair and leave it out w/ no product, it'll dry relatively quickly - an hour and a half or under, but if I put any product and try to twist  it or put it in a bun, forget about it. I can untwist/ take down half a day later and my hair could still be maybe 30% wet. I suggest letting your hair airdry a little bit or plopping your hair if you have time, and then styling. I also sometimes spray some aloe vera and water in my hair, let it airdry 90-95% and then apply products. This usually results in faster drying times.