I am having trouble identifying what type of hair I have. Can someone help?

My mom is Puerto Rican and my dad is black. I have looked up mixed hair but none of it looks like mine. My hair is like a mix of straight and curly/frizzy. The bottom layer of my hair is almost completely straight but I used to straighten my hair a lot so it might just be damaged. I have not used heat on my hair for a year now. Also, no matter what I put in it it always looks dry. A year ago I went to Colombia and got this keratin treatment that had a form of formaldehyde in it (I know bad idea) which kept my hair straight even when I washed it. It should all be out by now but for some reason, my roots have become very curly (before they were wavy/straight) and they have also become extremely dry and ugly. I have researched everything and I can't find anything that can help. I am sick and tired of my hair looking like I don't take care of it. I am about to shave it all off. Can anyone help me?

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