What can i do to help my hair? Desperate need of moisture retention, and tips for hair growth.

I have natural hair, and i am having trouble determining my hair type. I have been natural for about a year and a half. . My hair was relaxed since i was 5, and after I went natural I just had my hair straightened alot.I'm unsure of the porosity of my hair because, when i get out of the shower, my hair dries, but still stays kind of wet. But when i dry it with my t-shirt, it gets completely dry and the roots stay wet. I'm unsure of my porosity because when I style my hair, it turns out pretty good. Even during the day, my hair doesn't really get super dry. That only happens over night. My styles, don't really last or maintain for a really long time, maybe only my wash and gos. In plus, my hair is really frizzy all the time, i don't really like fluffing out my twist-outs because my hair just turns into frizz. I am just hoping you can help me determine my hair type, and what i should do to help it grow.I don't know if my hair is heat damaged, specifically, the hair at the nape of my neck, is very loose, the hair sometimes curls, but it stretches too much, and makes my hair look very stringy. Should i just cut it off? I really don't want to because that is the longest part of my hair. Is there any way i can repair it.My hair routine consists of me co washing my hair every week, and shampooing and doing a protein treatment every two weeks. I spritz my hair with water/aloe vera mix almost everyday, maybe the occasional moisturizer and olive oil. My wash day commonly consists of co wash, then deep condition under a low heat dryer, then rinse with cold water.the products  that work the best on my hair are the AS I AM curly jelly, shea moisture style milk, kinky curly knot today leave in conditioner, and the eco styler gel argan oil.

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