How can I help make certain parts of my hair curlier?

My hair has a very odd texture. The very front of my hair is like 3b, and shrinks up to above shoulders. It curls at the ends and looks healthy. The back and underneath layers of my hair, however, are limp, stringy waves that frizz a lot and barely curl up at the ends. It creates the effect of like a wet poodle and its very unflattering. I've tried everything I could to make the back part curl up more or the front part stretch out but they always stay looking very separated and strange. Should I get a certain haircut? I don't know what I'd even ask for... Like reverse layers or something? I just want my hair to look healthy and normal. How can I style it to look better? I have no heat damage at all, so I don't understand the problem??? Please help?

1 Answer

you could scrunch those parts to make it shrink up more