What AM I? No idea how to care for my hair.

i grew up with boys all my life and saw curly hair as nuisance. I straightened my hair everyday all through out high school and college. These past few years I've been going natural. It's curly...but the curls don't form on their own..if there's NO product.. It's a wavy mess of fluff. No definition. Just frizz and fluff. Ppl look at it and think it's thick. My hair I wanna guess is 3b? It's curly, frizzy, loose, very thin. If I use too much product it weighs down tremendously. If I use too little it looks dried out and curls don't form. I want more volume. I've had layers, they don't help much. I'm trying to grow it out. Though it looks thick it isn't in the slightest and it makes it harder to style. If I play too much with it the curls turn stringy and gross. I've tried everything. I don't know my full ethnicity. My mom was adopted and she doesn't know either. I'm half white and maybe half Indian or Spanish..not sure. I use right now Mixed Chicks leave in conditioner. That works great but still weighs it down. I HAVE to shampoo everyday or every other day or the oil builds up and weighs it down. I'm lost. Can anyone give me tips? Products? Styles? Cuts? Anything? I have yet to find someone with the same hair issues as me. I'll put a pic. Remember, looks thick...but it really is VERY VERY thin. The pic is after I put a small amount of the leave in in my hair.

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Hi, I'd say start by researching the Curly Girl Method or getting the book. --Curly Girl Handbook. That was a huge help for me initially but then it was a lot of trial and error as every head of hair can be different. I use a sulfate free shampoo (Shea Moisture Superfruit or Coconut & Hibiscus) nearly every other day and condition or deep condition the ends. When I get out I do the LOC method which stands for Liquid, Oil, Cream. I have a few different pairings of products that I use. For L - I use Kinky Curly Knot Today. For O I use Shea Moisture Dry Oil Mist in my hand an applied to ends only (there are a few scent options). For C I use either SM Yucca and Plantain Styling Milk or Deva Curl Curl Cream again focusing on the mid to ends portion only (it doesn't require much maybe a dime or nickel amount). Then I use an alcohol free mousse like Derm Organic Volume Foam or Deva Curl Frizz Fighting Volume Foam (something like that). Scrunch it with a T-shirt to blot the wetness (not before and never with a towel). Then I diffuse it dry. Fluff or massage at the roots and lightly scrunch the ends to avoid any spikiness. If that is too much for you, then wash, condition (use a little as a leave in or don't rise all the way out) and then apply the mousse. Scrunch w/ T-shirt and apply one more pump of mousse to help with hold since some got scrunched out. Good Luck! ;)