I have no idea what type my hair is HELP!!!

I would like others opinions on figuring out what type of hair I have. I have tried everything and can't find something I like enough. Am I suppose to use sulfate free shampoos, alcohol free products? All I know is when I brush my hair when its dry it gets really puffy. I just need help and recommendations. I heard having my type of hair you should wrap a cotton tee shirt around it while wet. My hair is very thick and I avoid blow dryers.

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i don't know how to add pics to the question so I will answer with pics of my hair, here my hair just came out of the shower no product in it not brushed.
2b to me
I agree w/ the above poster, you appear to have 2b hair. All curly/wavy hair gets puffy/frizzy with those plastic brushes because those disrupt your curl pattern, so never use one of those when your hair is dried! If you want to detangle your hair, you have to do it only when you're in the shower, ideally when you're putting conditioner in your hair so the comb can go through your hair easily and get your product around. The best thing to use for detangling is a wide tooth comb or a Tangle Teezer type brush. Using sulfate-free shampoos is the best for your hair because they aren't as harsh as sulfate shampoos. A good drugstore brand I really like is Shea Moisture, read the reviews for each of their shampoos on here (or different sites) and then you can pick the one you think you would like best. However, if you decide to start using sulfate free shampoo, you must use conditioners and hair styling products (gels, mousses, creams, etc.) without silicones because sulfate-free shampoos cannot remove them. One good silicone free conditioner that a lot of curlies/wavies use is Generic Value Product's version of Matrix Biolage Conditioning Balm (available only at Sally's Beauty Supply). You should explore the CurlTalk boards, there is a lot of great info there to get familar with and the people there also recommend different stuff, don't give up! 
those pics were taken when my hair was wet, here is my hair dry