I just cannot figure out my curl pattern up to this point.

I believe that I have figured out the other factors involved medium density, fine and low porosity.  But the curl pattern seems to fluctuate depending on...well everything!  I found what I believe to be my best results using a diffuser. But, still cannot figure out the pattern of my curls. 

3 Answers

You are in the Type 3 curl family.  Looks like some sections are 3b and some are 3c, but the uniqueness of your pattern is that the two different textures are not in chunks, they are scattered everywhere!  Do you use a lot of heat on your hair?  If so, you might see a more consistent curl pattern if you lessened the heat.  No guarantee, just a thought.  I am also in the 3 family.  Enjoy those curls!
although I don't have an answer for you it seems like me and you are in the same boat! I can't figure mines out either because I have two types on my head as well :(
your hair looks just like mine and ive definitely benafited from using no direct heat ide say 3b/3c mix