How can I know, if my hair is Wavy or curly

I don't know if is wavy or curly, my hair don't look liker a curly hair, and neither a wavy hair. It's so weird. My father had a Straight hair, and my mother have a Hair type 4a, but my hair don't make curls, some parts of my hair root, is straight, but others is wavy, I'm soo confused, help e

1 Answer

First thing will be to treat your hair as curly and after some time you will see how it behaves. Wet your hair and put a strong hold gel and let it dry, you can see afterwards the wave patter it forms. If the waves are tighter and some even curly, then probably with good care it is curly. If the waves are very loose then maybe you have wavy hair.But the only way to truly know is by giving it the right care, treating it as curly and time will tell you. I went from an undefined mess to a clear 2c/3a once I started treating it as curly, it took me time to see it's full potential. In my case my father is curly and mom striaght so I came in between, and you might be the same, so just nuture it and see how it behaves.