I know this gets asked all the time and i've tried the quiz but i'm stuck- what hair type AM I?!?!?

My hair's sort of weird, it curls properly at the bottom and forms ringlets (not so much at the moment because I've got exams and can't be dealing with dripping hair while i'm working so I've just been putting it in plaits) but it's not even remotely curly at the roots? I'm not sure if that's just because of the length and weight, because it's quite long and I've always just had it one length (the back always looks rubbish, I'm planning on getting layers at some point) because when I tie it up and thinner bits fall out they go into proper corkscrews from the roots (I wish it would all go like that tbh) so I'm never really sure what to click on the quiz because none of them seem to completely fit? it's quite easy to pull straight, which is also really annoying, it can look perfect in the evening but then if I sleep on it wrongly it gets pulled and just looks really limp and nothing-y the next day, and if it dries too quickly it just goes fluffy (sort of frizzy, but soft, so fluffy kind of fits better)yeah i'll attach a picture of a 'good' hair day that's the most clear picture I could find (apologies for the silly face, I don't take 'selfies' very often tbh so the only photos on my webcam are stupid ones)

3 Answers

wow. That's a tough one.  Looks like 3a at the bottom.  You appear to be a teen? Your curl pattern may simply be changing. That can happen around puberty.  If all your new growth for the past couple years has been straight, that could be the new norm, a result of normal hormones.  Cut in some layers and see what happens. 
It's hard to say. My hair is very similar to yours. Lots of girls with curly hair will have a kind of mixed up pattern before they really know how to take care of it properly(I'm not saying your curls aren't gorgeous though) and over time it becomes more clear what pattern it is when you learn all the tips and tricks. I'm going to guess that your hair type is maybe 2C and/or 3A.
2c, I'd say.