I would Like To know what Is My Hair type?

my Hair Is curly When It Is wet and straight When It Is dry. I'd Like To know Whats My Hair type so i could  know what products To use and also will having dry hair be the cause Of mY curls not staying When It Is dry? 

2 Answers

Hey:)I am not quite sure what kind of hair type you have, maybe 4a? I'm not good at analysing hair types:DBut yes, you're right. Your hair looks 'straight' bcs it has a lack of moisture. Acutally your hair doesn't look straight but poofy, which happens to me when i brush my hair or when my hair doesn't have enough moisture.You have completely different curls compared to me bcs i am white, but for both of us it is important to deep condition our hair.I'm just gonna tell you what I do, maybe it will work for you the same just with different products?I deep condition my hair for about 30 minutes and i use a mixture of coconut oil, olive oil, aussie 3 min miracle moist conditionerI put this on my wet hairThen i wash it out with cold! water (warm water dries out your hair) and after that i also use a conditioner and rinse it out, but I think you should try not rinsing the conditioner out completely.Then, I like using a LOT! of hair milk or curl cream. It is just for moisture and I can feel my hair soaking in all of it:DIn general, don't brush your hair when it's dry, this will destroy your curl structure and make your hair look poofy. Try finger detangling in the shower :)I hope that I could give you some new information and help you:) Here's a photo of me with well-moistured hair and not brushed vs. brushed and all poofy :D
I thought about your question and got another idea.You should try fingertwisting when your hair is completely wet. You take moisturizing product on your hand (hair milk, hair cream, leave-in conditioner etc.) and you start curling every curls with your finger and the product on your fingers.Once you are finished, take a gel and repeat this process.This way your hair should keep its definition you habe when it is wet:) You can also look on youtube for 'finger-twisting tutorials'