I am at a loss to which hair type I am - Can someone help?

I've had curly hair since birth - big giant fluffy curls (I've attached a photo of a younger me haha) and then when I hit 12 I was teased insesintly so I began to straighten my hair and box dye it - long story short I killed my hair and chopped it all off - then I grew it out and continued to straighten it - then I chopped it off again (no stranger to rocking the pixie by choice) now my hair is around chin length and I have been natural for one month (and I am NEVER going back I love how low maintenance this is!!) My issue is - I have been reading the Curly Girl method and the descriptions on this site and I haven't a clue where I sit - I think I am either a 2C or 3A - I attached a photo of my hair after air drying last night for some reference. I just want to get to know what I have and get products for it to optimize the curls.What I do know:- medium length- medium density- medium width- high porosity

1 Answer

I think you're probably a 2b. Your hair doesn't have any spirals, just very loose s curls, meaning it is wavy.