I lost my curls when I started using a product

Recently I cut my hair and decided to start  straightening my hair and I bought a product in a beauty shop to help straightening it. I said to the lady that worked there that I wanted a product to help my hair getting straightened but I never said that I wanted to be permanent. I bought the eugene perma artist(e) heat smothing cream thermoactive. That definitely helped me but one day I decided to let my hair dry naturally and I lost my curls(3B), it was wavy almost straight. Since then, I never had my curls back and I'm really sad. Do you have any tips to get my curls back fast? Thanks.

2 Answers

AnaDulce, One of the most effective ways to get your curls back is by deep conditioning your hair every wash day. You can also do a hot oil treatment before every wash day too. If this doesn't help, you probably have heat damage!Good luck!
maybe that product was like a keratin treatment ? if that's the case then your hair will probably get curly after 3 months or so , don't worry , try detoxing with apple cider vinegar or use a clarifying shampoo, deep conditioning is a good idea too