How do I make my 2b hair curlier?

Hi! When I was young and my hair was about just under my ears, I had either 3a or 3b hair, and then as it got longer I still maintained those curls, but over the years I began dying, straightening and curling it, and I really want to get my natural curl curlier. At the moment it's 2b, and I would only feel comfortable leaving it natural if it got a lot curlier. Please tell me what products to use and when to use them to achieve 3a/b curls. Thank you!!

1 Answer

Two things may be happening. Firstly, if you dye and straighten your hair, you probably have accumulated damage throughout the length of your hair. The only way to know if your hair will revert to a 3a texture is by transitioning and/or big chopping. There is no way to reverse heat and chemical damage, you just need to start fresh. Secondly, if you find that even without damage your hair will not curl the way it used to then your texture has changed. Hormones in our body fluctuate as we age and change our curl pattern throughout our lives. A lot of people are born with curly hair and it straightens out over time and vice versa. Your natural curl pattern cannot be changed with products, but you can try to find products that give you the most out of your curls. Products work differently on everyone, so a lot of experimentation is needed. If this is the case, I would do some more research on this website and on instagram to try to find some type 2 inspiration. My best advice is to begin nurturing your hair with sulfate free and silicone free products to moisturize your hair. Optimal moisture will create better curl definition. You will most likely need a sulfate free shampoo, silicone free conditioner, silicone free leave in, and a silicone free gel. There are tons of recommendations and reviews on this website. I would also check out thepolishedcurl on youtube for some wavy product recommendations. If you have any questions, feel free to let me know!