How can I make my natural curls more curlier?

I was born with super curly hair, however, my mom took me to a salon and got my hair cut off. Then I had some what straight hair, but when I was in middle school my curly hair started to come back. And I want it to be more curlier, but there is days it's super curly and some not so much. I have mixed  2,A, 2/B, 2/C, and 3/A hair. I need HELP to make my hair curlier again. 

2 Answers

I'm in the same boat as you with multiples textures but mostly 2c. Some days my hair is super curly and some days its wavy. Maybe its the techniques you're using? Take note of the days your hair is curlier. Did you do something different? Try different things like plopping, applying your products and diffusing with your hair tipped forward. Maybe diffusing only until your hair is 50% dry makes it curlier? In my case, my hair looks stringy and matted when I plop and I only diffuse until 80% dry.  Everyone is different. See what works best and stick with that.
I would say its your technique.  As the previous commenter suggested, try some different methods (i.e., style in the shower with completely soaking hair, scrunch will bending over, let air dry or only partially diffuse).  Try "hand-clumping your hair" - take groups of strands together and gently clump them together - then scrunch.  Also, make sure you don't have any product build up - that can weight down your hair and mess with the pattern.  Finally, if your hair is long the length may wear down your curls.  Consider having some layer's cut in to improve curling.  Good luck!