I need help figuring out my hair type? :) I think it's either 3A or 3B.

Alright, looks aside I found two pictures that are closest to my hair (when it's not a complete tangled mess) #1: http://www.dollupmyhair.com/wp-content/uploads/20...    #2:   http://stealherstyle.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/... I don't have the greatest knowledge in hair in general, so I'd appreciate it if you could help. Thanks in advance! (Extra information: Like I said, I don't know much, but if it's any relevant: I have the same hair color and skin tone as Isabelle Fuhrman, except my hair type is somewhat close to the two links above.)

2 Answers

You have 3a curly hair. 
Shakira actualyl strikes me more as a 2c, while Lorde seems like a loose 3a. So you're hair type might actually be a mixture of those two.