I need help figuring out my hair type, opinions appreciated!

Hello! I've been lurking on here for years and I've finally decided to make an account and join in on the fun. I've had trouble figuring out my hair type as different websites and charts have different curls so I would very much appreciate it if anyone would tell me what they think my hair is? The first picture is of my hair underneath I just flipped my hair over. The others are from side and top. I think 3A because some curls are the size of chalk but then also 3B because others are the size of a sharpie (I think) but I have a lot of S shaped waves too that make me think 2C and honestly I just have no idea! Thank you in advance!

3 Answers

my guess is 3a
Picture won't upload sorry 
My guess is that you were right. You probably have a mix from what it looks like. I do too. It's very common. I have 2a-3a! Kind of frustrating. I wish we could just split the difference and be a nice 2c everywhere! But it isn't. I don't have thicker or coarser hair like a 2c I just use the curliness as the identifier. My curls are quite small too compared to some with 2b/c hair. The porosity and thickness will be most helpful in finding products. If you aren't familiar with those terms you can learn about them here on NC.