I need help finding out my hair type!

I just recently found out that you aren´t supposed to brush your curls... I am the only member in my family with curls so they didn´t know any better when I was a child and always brushed them until a good friend of mine, who has curly hair herself, asked me why I brushed them.. Long story short I stopped brushing them but now I don´t really know what to do.  I started informing myself more about curls and found out about "hair types". I was wondering what type my hair was and was hoping you cold help me find out. I always thought my hair was 2C but then I noticed curls that looked kinda like 3A..  My hair is very weird in general, because sometimes my curls are very defined and sometimes my hair is just a bit wavy and you can´t really see curls at all... I thought about getting a haircut that could maybe help enhance my curls a bit more... Do you have any tips? And can you tell me what type my hair is? Thank you!

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