I need help!!! Can you tell me my hair type & best products to use??

I am curious about my hair type. I big chopped to about a 1/2 inch of hair on August 1st 2014 and I think I have had some good growth so far! I'm new with this and want to know what are some good products to use. Right now I co-wash with biolage moisture rich conditioner and my stylers are treseme naturals conditioner followed by Africa's best herbal oil and then Eco styler Argan oil gel. 

2 Answers

Pretty curls! Looks like type 3b/c to me
Wow nice hair! Your texture looks like 3c in the back and the front and 3b in the middle I also have both textures and highly recommend the cantu shea butter line, lotta body, and shea moisture hair products. (Eco style also but you already have that.)