I need help identfying my hair type! I have an idea, but....

My hair is comprised of tight coils. Ordinarily I'd call it thick, but I've read some recent articles that make me unsure.I have posted some pictures that I hope will help get an understanding of what I'm dealing with. :P I pull out a lot of hair when I comb. I wanted to try that de-tangling brush, but I heard it only works for a short while. Please help me identify my hair so I can learn how to best take care of it!(As of now, I comb once every 2-3 days, sometimes more frequently if necessary. I condition it with Organixx Coconut or Awapuhi ginger, and seal it with coconut oil)

2 Answers

Looks like a healthy 3c! Possibly 3c/4a.
I think that your hair is 3c, me too. We have a same Curl :)