I need helping figuring what curl type I have & tips

I need help with my hair. It's always Frizzy & I can't seem to buy the right products for it. Please ladies help me

2 Answers

looks like a 3a..possibly 3b 
You might want to try clumping, but first get a leave in conditioner or something smoothing like oil. When you finish washing your hair and adding conditioner, let the water run through the hair and try to not rake through it. Gently run your hands down to remove some water, then add styling product (and/or the oil). The hair should be wet enough to clump. Once you added everything you wanted, use a t-shirt and scrunch gently upwards to remove extra water (if you don't need to then just let it air-dry). Another thing you can try is a using a Conair brush(I put link at the end of my post) and combing through your hair. it will encourage hair clumping. The brush HAS to have minimal bristles like the one I link to, for the clumping to work. If it has too many it will separate curls.  (this one from walmart: Tiny Conair brush) I know I've read people have removed bristles from these types of brushes but I've never done it. Good luck! Remember you don't need to follow everything I say, maybe take a few hints to find your own direction.