I really can't figure out my hair porosity OR type? *)PICS**

Hi all, i really cant figure out my hair porosity or hair type, here are my characteristics:1. long drying time2. chemically processed hair (bleached/coloured) 3. if i pull my hair it stretches far then breaks 4. i have ALOT of volume in my hair (WHICH I HATE)5. my hair is dry (due to chemical processing and continuous straightening)6. DIY egg protein treatments work well with my hair 7. Without heat styling my hair grows very fast 

2 Answers

Since your hair is chemically processed, your porosity is probably medium to high. Your hair may be overloaded with protein, causing it to break and snap when you pull it. You have to balance the protein and moisture! Roll back on the chemical processes, straightening, and heat tools. And alternate between deep conditioning and protein treatments on your wash day to find some hair balance!Good Luck!
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