I have two small sections of hair by my face that are straighter than the rest of my hair, why?

Not exactly sure which curl category my hair falls into but, I have two small sections of hair that fall either side of my face that are much straighter than the rest of my hair. Why could this be the case? Are these sections of hair damaged? What can I do to fix this problem, as it looks very odd!

1 Answer

I have this problem too, in my case the hair framing my face is damaged. Those sections get touched the most, they get pulled tight when I pull my hair into a ponytail or bun, when I use a curling wand to curl a few spots it is normally near my face, and the hair on top is exposed to the elements much more than the hair underneath. Here are a few of the things I do to compensate:1. When I get a haircut I have to show my stylist the difference in curl pattern so that when she cuts it those pieces aren't longer. 2. I've stopped using heat tools there to prevent any damage to the new hair growing in. 3. Sometimes I use just one or two Curlformers on those pieces to make them match the rest of my hair.