How can I style my hair if I have too many curl patterns on my head?

I am seriously thinking about giving up on trying to style my curly natural hair :(I transitioned from a relaxer to natural and have been natural for 3 years now and have only tried to style my hair 3 times and it has been disastrous every time. I have fine hair that has low porosity with about 4 different textures. About a 4th of my hair at the top right of my head naturally has no curl pattern and grows straight (not heat damage it is just my natural texture). Going from there to the left side it start to get wavier and then finally curly like 3b curls. However, on the bottom left side of my hair it grows in very dry coils that are really small and I am really not sure if that is my natural pattern or if it is just super dry. When I first started transitioning and finally was fully natural I would just blow dry and straighten my hair once a week after shampooing and my curls were really hydrated because I would get my hair wet so often. Now I just wash twice a month and blow dry and don't straighten to prevent heat damage which leaves my hair dehydrated. I just finally tried styling my hair again curly and it was just so sad. My curls are pretty defined when I get out of the shower after shampooing, but as soon as I touch my curls and try to apply conditioner they just fall apart and unravel or it doesn't absorb anything because it is low porosity. I honestly am starting to hate my natural hair because of all the different textures and am tempted to just blow dry it for the next year until it is mid back length Is anyone else having this problem?? Does anyone know good hydration methods for fine, low porosity hair?

3 Answers

Hey Drin,It sounds a lot like heat damage to me, try not to blow dry. Try to research products aimed for low porosity hair. Hot water should open your hair follicles, and rinsing out with cold water should lock in moisture. No matter how frustrating, keep trying to stay away from heat damage as much as possible. Try deep conditioning and use masques for extra moisture.  After showers put in your products, scrunch, and scrunch with a microfiber towel. Any others will cause serious frizz and breakage. Then pin up your roots, if you do that, and let it air dry for 4-7 hours, depending on your hair type. Good luck, I hope this helps! God bless :)-curlyheadbri
* Clarification*I promise I do not have any heat damage this IS my natural texture. After growing out my natural hair and realizing that one part grows straight I hardly use any heat on it because it doesn't need any  and  is already straight and I never flat iron it. I just have different patterns and even one portion on the top left of my hair that grows silky and shiny while the rest of my hair is dull and low moisture. I just have weird hair. Here are some pics taken at the same time with no product in my hair from over a year ago...This is the curly side, and underneath is where my hair started to coil which you can't see... They are very hard to manage and are not like the nice 4A/4B coils because they are fine texture and essentially just frizz it looks like   My curls only look good with no product... I can't even touch them or they just or they just un clump  :(
While I won't be a great source of product recommendations with my high-porosity hair, I do have two notes: 1) Lots more things than we could ever imagine cause damage or other textural differences. I'm working on changing how I sleep because pineapples and ponytails appear to have been straightening part of my hair. When I avoid stressing my hair with that particular motion, my hair comes closer to being a uniform 3a pattern. 2) You may want to try using braids, twists, knots, pin curls, rollers, or Curlformers to manipulate your curl pattern (either in spots or all over). I pin curl my straighter parts to match the curly parts, but you can use what works best for you.