I am sure you get this a lot but I cannot figure out if I am a 2c or a 3a?.

I have very coarse, thick, hair that is frizzy unless I put product in it, and always frizzy on top regardless.  My hair naturally ringlets towards the bottom, but I also twist it when it's wet to help it along.  Just want to make sure I am trying the right products.  I want something light, that doesn't feel like I have anything in my hair, but gets rid of the top frizz.  

2 Answers

We have the same hair but your hair is on some places curlier you have some really curly pieces so it could be mix of 2c and 3a but for me it is mostly 2c
I think we have the same hair. My hair natural forms ringlets in some areas but I twisted with my fingers or round brush to help it be more defined. Your hair as mine might be a 2c with some 3a parts so it's a mix of the two. I stopped trying to figure it's pattern and I'm trying to figure out what works best for thick, coarse and medium/high porosity hair. Try a curling cream, mix it with water it will feel as you don't have product and give definition. For frizz control I apply a few drops of coconut oil specially on top but not on the roots.If your shampoo and conditioner is very hydrating and if you live in high humidity place applying only coconut oil will give you that no product feel, more natural look and frizz control.Another way I got rid of frizz was deep conditioning, and using lots of conditioner in the shower. Frizz means hair is reaching out for air's moisture. So keeping your hair hydrated will help. You could also try a gel and break the cast later.