I can't figure my hair type out! (Male)

I am a male with medium/short hair length, around 2 1/2 or 3 inches. Basically the hair around the side of my head and towards the neck is coiled while the top is mostly wavy. I want to maximize the curls all around my head but I am just totally confused on why my hair is so different on the top. Any comments or recommendations? Any help is greatly appreciated! I usually wash my hair with shampoo/conditioner 2 times a week and let my hair air dry which usually makes my hair mostly curly, I just can't get it all the way there. I have pictures attached of my hair as of today for reference. 

2 Answers

Hi, to me your hair looks like 3b/3a maybe even 2c at the top. It's normal to have various textures on the same head. You may want to try using a light styling cream or gel and a styling defining technique such as raking/shingle and scrunching or even finger curling to make your less curly areas more defined (but there is a lot of other defining and clumping techniques you can try)You'll find the definition of those terms clicking hereClick here for some products recommendation
Agreed with Thaa. Your hair looks to be mostly 3a in the back, 3b on the lower sides and looser (2c) going up. I might recommend a denman brush for the looser sections of your hair as it usually helps with clumping and results in springier curls, but that's usually in type 4 and some type 3 curl patterns. I'm not sure if more clumping in a looser curl pattern than that may just weigh down the curl :\You could also try the curly girl (person) method? I hear a lot of people have good results with that in terms of their hair being more prone to curling. There's one user on here that I think went from a 2b to her hair looking 3a of some days.