I can't find my hair on any of the like hair types thingy... It's annoying

So my dad had an Afro and my mum has like loose waves and now I'm stuck with hair like my dads but not exactly afroish. I had a straightening treatment ages ago but because my roots are too curly it didn't work up the tops and looked strange so I let it grow out and now have shoulder length natural curls. As I said before my roots are super curly like kinda African-American hair but I'm white and have blonde hair. The rest of the hair is curly and nice underneath except the top layer of hair is frizzy and the hair doesn't clump into nice curls and it's so coily that it almost looks straight. I really need help and nobody knows how to deal with my thick crazy hair. I also cannot find a hair type to describe it. I've gotten to like my curls lately and wish to still have curls but nicer ones. If you know any way of helping my hair too please just answer! Thanks and sorry if this was long. And the pic has my front bits pinned up sorry

2 Answers

Your hair looks like it's somewhere around 3b/3c. Look into the Curly Girl Method by Loraine Massey. It details how to care for curls without sulfates, silicones, etc. You will fall more in love with your curls if you do this and they will be so healthy! It needs more moisture as do all curls! You can look the CG method up or get the book. But it's the single best thing you can do for your curls! Beautiful girl, beautiful curls!
I think your African-American textured hair is beautiful. It looks like it may be 3b/3c. What products are you using? When did you get your hair chemically straightened? Are you currently heat straighening your hair? Are you combing or brushing your hair after you've washed it?