i can't know the diffrence between 3A and 3B hair type can someone please tell me the difference ?

i can't know the difference please can someone tell me the diffrence ? 

2 Answers

http://www.naturallycurly.com/pages/hairtypes/type...I hope the pictures and descriptions on that page help clear up some of the confusion. But our hair is so wonderfully complex, it goes beyond what we can describe there :)
The thing about all classification systems is they tend to be descriptive and simplistic. That's why there're many systems of classification for curly hair. That's how complicated and varied life is. Life's too original to be classified in a cookie cutter manner. So don't worry if you're still confused, it's not your fault. If you're confused about your own hair, you might be a mix, like me (I'm 3A-3B).