I can't tell what my hair type is!?

When I was a little kid, I had 3a hair but right after puberty, my hair relaxed a little and got longer. So now, I know I have type 2 wavy hair but I don't know if it's 2a,b or c. I think it's more of a C Bc my hair is very coarse, frizzy and pretty thick, and my waves are more on the curly side but my waves/curls don't start till after my ears? My cousin said im a 2a but that's too fine for me??  I attached pictures for reference. Thank you!!

2 Answers

I think you're right a 2c/3a. The weight and length of your hair appear to be pulling it straighter at the roots. My curly waves are tighter than a 2b but not corse like is often described for 2c. Many people just use the designations to describe the curl pattern and then include other info to clarify the other stuff. Like I might say: Fine 2c, low-med density (meaning I don't have a that much). 
Worrying  about your hair type isn't really important.. You should mostly focus on if your hair is healthy and if it's getting the right kinda nutrients. But some people have multiple hair types maybe different in the front and different in the back.