Do I have THICK or THIN hair? I'll write what is my hair like in details.

My hair is something like 2C (Whavy-Whirly). But it's dry, but not too much. It's longer then 2C, it's like on the half of my back. When I brush it, I break the curls and it's like 2A. but when I wash it, and let it dry naturally, it's 2C. And I still don't know is it THICK or THIN. So, if someone can tell me, I'll be thankfull. Or just, tell me how it should feels when it's thick or thin. I'll post a picture of my hair. Btw, the hair on the picture is mine, and sorry, I don't like showing my face, but anyway, those are not natural curls, I curle them with curler. Thank you! :)

1 Answer

thick/coarse and thin are terms related to the actual texture of hair strands. You can determine the texture by knowing if you hair reacts better to light products or if it needs heavier products to hold moisture. Here's an article to help better understand.