I think I have a 4C type hair.I would like to turn it into a 3C or 3B.Does it exist products for it?

2 Answers

Natural products that can do that ? I don't think that there are :\Chemical Products? You can try a texturizer, but those loosen the curl pattern that you already have, not create bigger curls.Natural techniques? There are more abundant! You can try rollers, perm rods, flexi rods, curlformers, etc. The only thing is that these are temporary so if you're looking for something permanent.....Some people also do heat training, but, like the texturizer, it seems like that is more likely to simply loosen your curl pattern than to create bigger curls. That being said, while transitioning I'm still straightening my fringe and, while completely "natural," they are heat damaged to a 3c/3b texture (I'm planning to transition m bangs once I big chop the rest of my hair). While you can only really tell that they're damaged when they dry with no product at all, they are still damaged and  heat training could cause eventual repercussions with our hair. Especially if you have finer hair.
I think I will go for the natural techniques.. Thank you @Domicurl :)I really thought I could reduce curls so that I can end up with combing the hair..For example from pic1 to pic2