I think I have curly hair type 3B, but I'm not entirely sure. I'd just like a second opinion.

Please exscuse my use of Snapchat filters…  Thanks!

2 Answers

yes you do have 3b texture, btw it looks amazing
I would disagree. You have cherub curls, looks like they are very fine. Your actually curl pattern is between 2c and 3a. You have the odd strand of 3b here and there, but you are mostly curly wavy 2c. Try not to use too much product, as it will weight your hair down, a lightweight cream like the devacurl wave maker or styling cream will work great on you, stay away from products like the devacurl super cream, Shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie which are made for true 3b-4c curls xx you've got lovely wave/curls be proud!