I have thought I was doing everything right and my hair is still dry and brittle. help!

I have 3B hair and recently learned that I supposedly have low porosity. But everything about hair porosity confuses me. All I am sure of is that I thought I was doing everything right but I'm still struggling with dry and straw-like hair. My routine is this: I use a no sulfate conditioner every two days and shampoo once a week with a no sulfate cleanser. Then I only comb with a wide tooth comb while my hair is wet and then I add 2 different hair milks. Then I use a shea butter cream. All of my products are high in protein. To top it all off I sleep on a satin pillowcase. Idk where to go from here! My hair continues to break and even trimming is not helping my split ends, there's so many. Also how do I maximize the wash n go method? Please help! 

1 Answer

Your issue is that you have low porosity and you are using products suited for high porosity hair. Stay away from the protein and the shea butter. Low porosity hair doesn't need as much protein, and shea butter never penetrates the tight cuticle. You need a strictly moisturizing deep conditioner used with some heat/steam. Clarify your hair beforehand and don't use any more products with shea.