Can I find my true curl pattern with gel?

2 Answers

I don't think you can, in order to find your true hair type you'll have to wet it and let it dry without any product in it
I digress, what people dont realize is that their is a such thing as having a curl pattern that is naturally less defined from someone else. I.E. - one 4a person with naturally cottony frizzy hair so their curls are less defined VS. another person with 4a hair that has a silky texture so their curls are usually more defined naturally. Gel wont change your curl pattern, it will only enhance what you already have. So if you have 4c hair you will still have 4c hair with gel, just more defined 4c hair.Also on the idea that of washing or wetting your hair and letting it air dry with no product to see your pattern, I digress lol. You hair shouldnt be loaded with product and SHOULD be dry, but when curltyping it makes no sense to do it on hair that hasnt been proper moisturized. If your hair is looking super dry causing frizz etc and isnt at a moisturized state I dont feel like it makes much sense. Im not saying do it with gels etc, but a leave in works.I hope this helps, xo :)