I wanted to know if some could look at my hair give me an idea as to which type my hair is?

I believe its Type 4 but I'm not for certain if its 4a,  b, or c.

2 Answers

At first glance it looks like it may be 4c, but its possible that its 4b or that you even have some 4a hair. A good way to tell it to examine your hair when its wet. Do your coils/curls come out more when its wet or does it look pretty much the same? 4a hair will have more definition when when or more easily with gels, but can look like an undefined curly fro when dry. 4b hair will hair less elongation and definition and possibly a little bit of difference in definition between wet and dry. 4c hair will most likely look about the same when wet and dry. Its coils are the most challenging to define because they are so small and they shrink up to 75% of their length.Here is some more info on type 4 hair: http://www.naturallycurly.com/pages/hairtypes/type...You can also take the quiz to help discover your hair type: http://hairtype.naturallycurly.com/?#quizI hope that helps!